Chad – 2024 – 9x 18888 Francs – 9 Dragon Series OBSIDIAN BLACK full set 9x 5oz numbered (single issues available)


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Issuing Country Chad
Year of Issue 2024
Face Value 9x 18888 Francs
Metal Silver
Fineness (purity) 999/1000 silver
Weight 9 x 5 oz silver
Diameter 60 mm
Quality Obsidian black
Mintage 50 pcs.
Scope of Delivery Box
Special features


The ultimate 9 Dragon coin set. All in one box. All coins in the set have the same number.
To buy a single issue please click here, and select the specific dragon, and the finish as a variety.

Background information per dragon:


Embark on a mythical journey with the Ancestral Dragon 5 oz Silver Coin, the pinnacle of the 9 Dragons 2024 series. Crafted from 5 ounces of pure silver, it captures the essence of the revered founder dragon. Available in four colors, each edition signifies regality, mystery, elegance, and grandeur. Limited to 50 mintages per variant, it is a collector’s masterpiece, narrating the sacred duty of the Ancestral Dragon in initiating legendary dragons. Beyond mythology, it symbolizes Qin Shi Huang’s spirit and culminates the dragon pantheon. Perfect for collectors, this coin blends art, culture, and precious metals, embodying a timeless mythical legacy.


Embark on a journey into ancient Chinese mythology with the AZURE Dragon 5 oz Silver Coin, part of the 9 Dragons 2024 collection. Crafted from 5 ounces of pure silver, it pays homage to the revered Azure Dragon, symbolizing tranquility, power, and celestial grace in the Wood Dragon Year. Meticulously detailed, the coin features azure brilliance, gold gilded accents, and a rippling waters antique finish. A limited edition masterpiece, it is perfect for collectors and connoisseurs, blending tradition and numismatic excellence. The Azure Dragon, representing the east and spring, is associated with renewal, vitality, and positive energy. Explore the Azure Dragon’s legacy with variants like Antique Azure Legacy, Celestial Gold Gilded Elegance, Obsidian Twilight Emissary, and Silver Crest of Celestial Grace, each reflecting unique traits and symbolic depth.


Presenting the Black Dragon 5 oz Silver Coin series by Republique Du Tchad, a masterpiece in artistry and craftsmanship. With a commanding 60mm diameter, these coins boast impeccable design and a limited mintage of 50 for each of the four color variants, totaling only 200 coins. The black dragon, revered as a guardian spirit in many cultures, symbolizes protection and assistance during times of calamity. The obverse side depicts jubilation and gratitude, while the reverse showcases the majestic black dragon. This coin serves as a bridge between tradition and legacy, embodying resilience and hope. With a face value of 18888 Francs CFA, it holds both intrinsic value and cultural significance, making it a precious token of resilience. Secure your piece of this limited legacy today and be part of an exclusive circle of collectors.


The 蟠龙 (Coiled Dragon) 5 oz Silver Coin, a highlight of the 9 Dragons 2024 series, delves into Chinese mythology. Beyond a numismatic masterpiece, it embodies the cultural richness and historical significance of the revered Coiled Dragon. Renowned for its poised demeanor, symbolizing power, wisdom, and longevity, the Coiled Dragon stands as a representation of cultural identity. Crafted with precision, the coin captures the dragon’s essence with unparalleled artistry, featuring gold gilding for opulence and an obsidian black finish for elegance. Adorned with an antique finish, it connects collectors to the dragon’s rich history. As a limited edition treasure, it symbolizes cultural pride and numismatic brilliance. Embrace this coin as a piece of Chinese cultural heritage, reflecting the enduring legacy of the Coiled Dragon.


The Ancestral Dragon Rain and Cloud 5 oz Silver Coin Collection offers a profound tribute to the revered dragon’s role as a celestial guardian ensuring elemental harmony on Earth. Crafted with pure silver, these coins depict intricate rain and cloud imagery, symbolizing the dragon’s duty in sustaining life and ecosystems. Limited to 50 mintages per variant, the collection includes four hues – Azure Waters, Obsidian Depths, Silver Streams, and Aged Torrent. This masterpiece is perfect for collectors, embodying the harmonious blend of tradition and numismatic excellence. The background reveals the dragon’s revered duty in Chinese mythology, safeguarding the delicate balance required for life and agriculture. Embrace the enchantment and celestial grace of this timeless collection.


The Fire Dragon 5 oz Silver Coin Series embodies boundless energy and strength, offering collectors a dynamic connection to the legendary creature. With a commanding diameter, meticulous craftsmanship, and limited to 50 mintages per variant, this series symbolizes vitality and resilience. The fire dragon, representing an elemental force in mythologies, is a beacon of empowerment and energy. The coin’s obverse side showcases the dragon’s bursting energy head, while the reverse side depicts fiery breath and a volcano burst, symbolizing unstoppable force. This fusion of tradition and energy serves as a symbolic token of vitality, celebrating the strength that defines the fire dragon.


The “Jiao,” an ancient serpent-like creature, transforms into a majestic Scaled Dragon after enduring five centuries. Revered in Chinese culture, dragons symbolize nobility, elemental control, and fortune. The Scaled Dragon’s life cycle mirrors the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, representing transformation, ascension, and pursuit of equilibrium. As a spiritual emblem, the Scaled Dragon signifies growth, metamorphosis, and transcendence. During the Spring Equinox, it soars into the sky, symbolizing hope and new beginnings, while the Autumn Equinox sees its descent for tranquility. This mythical creature’s transformation aligns with people’s aspirations for positive change and renewal.


The Winged Dragon commemorative coin portrays the awe-inspiring creature soaring in the sky, embodying nature’s power, guardian role, and symbolizing the cherished harvest. The obverse captures the dragon in flight, each feather and scale radiating life’s blessings. The reverse depicts a joyous celebration, uniting people in gratitude for abundant seasons. More than currency, it’s a tribute to nature, farmers, and a vessel of hope, encouraging gratitude for every harvest. The coin links humanity with nature, conveying enduring love and hope. Available in four colors, each symbolizing wisdom, protection, wealth, and heritage, these coins embody profound ideals, witnessing the journey of creation.


The 烛龙 (Torch Dragon) 5 oz Silver Coin Collection, part of the 9 Dragons 2024 series, pays homage to the revered mythical creature symbolizing pure fire energy. Featuring four limited editions, each with only 50 mintages, the collection captures the dragon’s essence in gold-gilded, obsidian black, antique, and silver variations. The Torch Dragon signifies vitality, energy, and serves as the guardian of the eternal flame, deeply respected in Chinese culture. With intricate details, limited availability, and profound symbolism, these coins become exclusive cultural treasures and artistic masterpieces, inviting collectors to preserve the essence of fire energy and become guardians of this flame-kissed legacy.