Cook Islands – 2009 – 5 Dollars – Flowers of the World Pansy in Cloisonné (PROOF)


with enamel flower

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Country: Cook Islands
Year: 2009
Face value: 5 Dollars
Metal: Silver .999
Weight: 25 g
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Quality: Proof
Mintage: 2’500 pcs.

The term ?Cloisonné?comes from French and means ?subdivided?, separated by walls. Cloisonné is a unique enamel art technique. Thereby, in a first step, the motive is soldered onto a copper sheet with a silver wire. This wire pattern serves as a separa-tion of each colour. Now the originated compartments are filled with enamel colours and afterwards the form is fired in the oven with 700 to 900°C. The enamel in the little compartments will sink down a bit after firing. That will require a refilling. This process will go on repeatedly until the little compartments are finally filled. Finally the surface of the work piece is polished and the silver web is electrolytically gilded to prevent an eventual oxidation.

The enamel production has been known for thousands of years. Possibly it originates from the Near East and was spread along the Silk Road to China in the 13th century. It was there that this techniques significance was magnified as an actual form of art and from that time on was applied to vases, plates, tins and also on valuable jewellery miniatures. The favourite designs are mostly elaborate flower motives and floral swirls. In our case it is a magnificent pansy ? an emblem for loyalty, affection and loving thoughts.