Cook Islands – 2013 – 10 dollars – Nano Space (PROOF)


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Metal: .925 Silver
Weight: 50g
Size: 50 mm
Mintage: 1000 pcs

With its latest edition “Nano Space – Exploration of the Universe“, the Nano-Coin’s success story has reached a new highlight.This high tech particle is integrated into a beautifully minted and coloured coin.

To many of us, the earth already seems huge. We can barely envision the dimensions of our solar system. The deeper into the universe one goes mentally, the more our imagination reaches its limits: Our solar system belongs to the Milky Way which is a part of the so-called Local Group. This Galaxy group is in turn integrated into the Virgo Supercluster, which is an accumulation of several galaxy clusters. The Superclusters diameter amounts to about 150 million light years – one light year is 9,5 billion kilometres!

The universe consists mainly of large empty spaces which are called “voids” in astronomy. This means that not only between the planets of our solar system but also between the different galaxies, lays an infinite nothing. In comparison the earth has no more than a diameter of just under 13‘000 km – and to many of us the earth already seems huge …