Cook Islands – 2014 – 5 Dollars – Grand Canyon (including box) (PROOF)


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Metal: Silver .925
Weight: 20g
Size: 38.61 mm
Quality: PROOF
Mintage: 2’000 pcs

The Grand Canyon, one of the most impressive landscapes on earth, is about 450 km long and runs through the state of Arizona. The rift is up to 1800 metres deep and measures 30 kilometres at its widest point. Over millions of years the Grand Canyon was cut into the rocks by the Colorado River.

The first traces of humans found in the Grand Canyon area originate from Indians who were solely gatherers and hunters. Thousands of years later, Ancient Pueblo people, who were farmers and lived in mud huts, settled there. About 700 years ago they disappeared without a trace and were replaced by other Native American tribes.

The biggest part of the Grand Canyon lies in the national park bearing its name. This park covers about 4900 square kilometres and features several fantastic gazebos on the North and the South Rim. About 5 million people visit it annually and marvel at this spectacular miracle of nature.