Palau – 2006 – 5 Dollars – Eclectus Parrot Silver (PROOF)


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The island paradise of Palau not only offers an extensive wealth of animal observations for diving fans, it absolutely cries
out for a visit from bird fans too. By means of these three coinages, the issuing country wants to attract attention to the
superb, colourful bird world. Implemented in the ever-successful prism series, the birds are able to show off their best

The most important feature of the 35-40cm Eclectus Parrot is probably the different external colouring of the sexes.
Contrary to almost all other types of bird, in the case of this wax beaked parrot species, the female animal is strikingly
feathered in red, whereas the male is predominantly green in colour and thus well camouflaged against the leafage of the
dense forests. Although these parrots are very prevalent in the rain forests of their geographic range, they are very
difficult to observe due to their jumpiness. Small troops of Electus Parrots go searching through the treetops for fruit and
seeds. They are considered to be strong fliers and reach an age of up to 30 years.

FACE VALUE : 5 Dollars
YEAR : 2006
METAL : Silver .925
WEIGHT : 25 gr.
DIAMETER : 38.61 mm
MINTAGE : 5?000 pcs