Tokelau – 2012 – 5 Dollars – Thalasseus Bergii (small gold) (PROOF)


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Metal: Gold .9999
Weight: 0.5 g
Diameter: 11 mm
Quality: Proof
Mintage: 15’000 pcs.

The Greater Crested Tern belongs Sea Swallows (Tern) family. It is able to reach a body-size of over 50 cm. Its habitat stretches from the southern tip of Africa through to the South Pacific islands such as Tokelau. It always flies in visual range of the protected and secluded breeding colonies near the coast, just a few metres above sea level, and looks out for sardines. The bird also benefits from fishing boats and snatches fish remains which are thrown overboard. Under the black, sometimes tousled Greater Crested Terns crest, a brave and pugnacious “marine creature” (lat. Thalasseus) is concealed. The clutch which consists of one or two eggs is defended aggressively against enemies such as Ibis or other seagulls by both parents. During the mating season the bird pairs fly in perfect synchronization next to each other and perform an incredible dance which includes rapid changes in direction and playful pecking.

Orcas are true monsters of the oceans. They grow to be between 7 and 9 meters long and can weigh up to 6 tons. Although it prefers cooler waters and therefore is not often found in tropical waters, this colossus is found in all oceans of the world.

Killer Whales are carnivorous animals and require an energy intake of approximately 290‘000 Kcal per day. In comparison humans need an average of about 2‘700 Kcal.

The mammals owe their unflattering second name “Killer Whale„ which refers to their seemingly brutal hunting methods resembling those from whalers. Whether the whalers themselves proceed more gently is anyone’s guess.

Nevertheless, Orcas are far from aggressive; but rather show a marked social behaviour with a clearly structured hierarchy. Several forms of dialect in their communication have been noticed within the individual families.